Advantages of Metal Roofs

By January 4, 2021Blog

Metal roofs have become the most popular choice of people as they have many advantages than other materials. Most people prefer to use metal roofing because the metal is lightweight compared to a tile roof.

Metal roofs only weigh between 25 to 75 kilograms per square meter, while those of other materials can reach 350 to 450 kilos per m2. Metal roofing comes in sheets, plate, or veneer, and tiles. It is very effective if it is designed for rainy or bad weather.

The installation can be completed in two or three days, even one day, depending on the area to be covered. Resistance is the main characteristic of metal roofs, as they are capable of resisting fire, snow, hail, wind, mold, insects, and rot.

Metal roofs are excellent at conducting heat and reflecting the sun’s rays
Speaking of durability, they can last for a long time. The lower quality metal roof can last more than 20 years, twice the durability of an average asphalt roof. Some sheet metal materials, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc, can last more than 100 years.

Some modern roofing steel sheets are covered with aluminum and zinc, as these two materials are the strongest. On the other hand, speaking of energy efficiency, metal roofs become the best option since they are easily recyclable.