24 Hour Emergency Service

24 hour emergency services are available to help minimize any damage to your home or business. In many cases we can be on site in short order to urgently implement a repair to protect your residential property or business from further damage. We will stop any major leaks or exposure to the elements and then proceed with providing a quality roofing solution at a reasonable price.

The main goal is to control the spread of any water entering your property as this can cause expensive damage. If the repair is temporary we will return at a more convenient time to complete the repair.

  • 24 hour call out
  • Any type of roof
  • Quick and efficient temporary or permanent repairs

Contact us at: 604-332-1663

Common Sources of Leaks

Chimneys – due to flashing becoming lose, or roofing cement separating from the chimney during extreme temperature changes

Roof Vents – your roof probably has many vents (air, plumbing, furnace, dryer). These are sealed with either flashing or roofing cement which may come lose or deteriorate over time. This is one of the most common roof repair.

Tree branches or other debris hitting the roof

High winds – may lift and or completely remove roofing systems